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Do not be afraid! You have reached a site of merry people who call themselves Somniks. These Somniks organise a LARP series situated in the imaginary world called Somnia (what a coincidence, eh?). This very site is dedicated to that saga...


SOMNIA 3: The Summer Solstice

The road on which you stray
Is also mine to seek.
Where ever you would stay
Is where I want to be.

A time of much rejoycing has arrived in the village of Kar-jatse. People are preparing to celebrate the Long Dance and the wedding of Hildegard - daughter of the village headman - and Aren of the Water Clan. First tests and examinations are held in the school of Magic.

Auts the village headman has decided to quit his position. Therefore new elections must take place. There is noone in certain favour, as the results have always been incalculable.

The three Clans of Somnia have almost entirely parted by now. The Water Clan lives in the village of Kar-jatse, having merged in its life in a better manner than the brave members of Wood and Air Clans, who live now in abandoned buildings at the border of the village. But is this kind of separation truly safe?

Wizards are still worried about the disapperance of Master Changer and trying to make her visible again in every possible way. The Archmage is often seen in the grove - pondering in the place where earth is still burnt - but to no avail.

It is summer solstice - the most mysterious time of the year.



A little about the people who live in Somnia.

The Inlanders: Magicians, Settled People and Wandering People

The inlanders can write. They do that in cyrillic alphabet. Their average lifespan is 150 years, as is the case with the people of the Clans. Money is not used. The village of Kar-jatse is the westernmost point of the world they know. There are legends about strange savage people in the west, but nobody has seen them with their own eyes [EDIT: these are the Clans, and some of them now live in Kar-jatse].

The Magicians

Magicians are described as quiet and secretive people, who not often others interfere with their business. They glow stoic peace, wisdom and mystery and act as if they were always busy and going somewhere. Sometimes any one of them is seen having a good time (sitting in a tavern for example and talking with the "simple folk"), but - as previously mentioned - these occasions are rare. This is not because of their arrogance (which they have of course), but because they simply don't have much to talk with others.

Yet the magicians have not separated from other people. They live in villages among the Settled People, travel with the Wandering People or make long journeys by themselves.

The School of Kar-jatse is a place where boys and girls with magical abilities from all the Inlands of Somnia are sent to study highest magic. There they become skilled in different kinds of magic, study names and runes and tricks and spells and also what should and shouldn't be done and why it is so. And after a long time of practicing and in case of harmony between the hand, the mind and the spirit, they may acquire the name of a magician and accept the magicians staff. True magicians are only trained in the village of Kar-jatse and as there are witches and exorcists in every land and people need magic as they need bread and enjoy it as music, the School og Magic is a respected place. Nine mages - Masters of the School - are in great honour in and outside the village. Their master - the Archmage of Kar-jatse - doesn't have to report to anyone but the village headman and that is also voluntary, because even he couldn't bend such a mighty magician under the common law agains his wishes. In Kar-jatse everything was done like hundreds of years before; it seemed to be a place free of all worries and the laughter of the young always rang in the echoing courtyards and cold wide corridores of the Great Hall.

A magician's road to power goes through knowledge. Every student of Kar-jatse has a chance to full the position of the Archmage, but that requires long and deep learning and an exceptional gift.

The Settled People

People of the East live in villages 2-3 day's journey afar from each other. There are no roads between these villages, any kind of movement from village to another is rare to the Settled folk. Food and other necessary supplies are secured independently, because active trading between villages doesn't exist. That is why most people only know villages nearest to them. But there is a village that's name is known to people in all villages. That is Kar-jatse - the village of magicians, where there is the one and only School of Magic and the famousest of magicians - the Archmage.

Basically the Settled People don't understand magicians' doings, for the magicians are quiet and secretive and don't let strangers interfere with their business. But even they realise, that the Archmage is greatest of magicians and knows things they couldn't even imagine. Even lesser magicians are greatly respected among the villagers (and perhaps slightly feared). They are asked for advice and help when activities of special importance are going on (i.e. sowing, hunting etc.) or something unusual has happened. One thing is certain - nobody wishes a quarrel with a magician.

Very important facilities in the villages of the Settled People are taverns - houses, where people go to trade, have fun and hear the news. People have to give a part of their game and crops to the tavern keeper, so that the doors of the tavern could always be open. Usually one and the same family runs the tavern through years, handing down the profession to their descendants. It is no coincidence, that the tavernkeeper is ofthen the village headman as well.


The villagers of Kar-jatse are used to living next to the School of Magic. Usually they stay away from the School itself, but that doesn't mean they don't notice strange things from time to time. Sometimes it's the things appearing and disappearing all by themselves, sometimes it's the students coughing out slugs - anyway, these people know more about magicians than the rest of the Settled People.

The villagers' interests are protected by the headman. The headman is chosen by all the villagers, but only adult men can be elected. For candidacy an intercessor must be found. Magicians have a right to vote as well - their representative is the Archmage. The new headman is chosen if all the electors come to a unanimous decision.

The magicians' interests are protected by the Archmage. If something in Kar-jatse concerns both villagers and magicians, then the Archmage and village headman have to unite their powers and work together, but usually they stay out of each other's business.

The Wandering People

A people of one's own kind travels these lands. The Settled ones call them Wanderers. They are flighty and full of surprises, always on the move and stopping only for a few days in some village.

The arrival of the Wandering People is always an event of special magnificence, bringing some excitement to the boring everyday life. The Settled folk always gives food and shelter to the Wanderers and in exchange they tell exciting stories of their travels and sometimes confirm their tales by showing unseen magical gadgets.

It is truly amazing how kindly the Settled People treat the Wanderers. For it often happens, that the Wandering People leave their infant child to a village for his first years and later come for him and take him back. Such behaviour is useful to the Wanderers for many reasons. Firstly, it is safer for a child to grow up in a village, because in their travels the Wanderers often meet dangers. Secondly, these children come to know the ways of the Settled People and it is later easier for them to manage with the villagers. But it remains a mystery, why the Settled People agree to such a thing, because usually they don't get more than a few magical gadgets for that. It simply seems impossible to say no to the Wandering People.

The Wanderers can be recognised by their clothes alone. These usually cover their whole body, leaving only eyes, as their most expressive feature, visible.


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